Anyfin Campaign

Look at this amazing campaign Acne and Swiss put together for our client Anyfin.
See the full campaign here.

See the Brand Identity in our Portfolio.



Hazy generates smart synthetic data that’s safe to use and actually works as a drop in replacement for real data science and analytics workloads.

Check back for a full case study in our portfolio soon!


LGN is a software company developing optimal edge AI algorithms to achieve human-level perception on autonomous systems. Full case in our portfolio soon.


Mindler is a digital health care provider, offering psychological treatment and personalised CBT exercises without lengthy waiting times and high costs to thousands of users since 2018. We are really proud to have designed their recently updated app and brand identity, helping Mindler continue their valuable work. The full case study is coming soon.


During the spring we have been working with Lysa – a service that invests your capital at low fees. Lysa acts as a super smart account where the money you deposit is automatically invested in different funds after your preferences.

We will soon present our work in our portfolio!

We’re really proud and excited that the new design we’ve been working on together with Tele2 is finally live — check it out at! Stay tuned for more.

E&W ♥ Startups

Wired recently published a list of the hottest startups in Stockholm, as part of its Europe’s top 100 startups list.

3 of the companies on the list are great friends and clients of ours. We have created brand identities and digital design for Sana Labs, Hedvig and Anyfin. We are super proud of all three and really excited for what lies ahead.

Let’s keep up the good work!


We are proud and excited to announce that we’re working together with Comviq to create a new digital experience on their web.

We are looking forward to show you the whole case in our portfolio soon.

Congrats iZettle

This is a story about one of the best clients in the world. E&W was founded in june 2010. Two weeks after we founded the agency, Jacob de Geer called us and told us about an idea he had that would make it possible for everyone with a smartphone to take card payments. iZettle was born! Since then E&W has provided iZettle with Branding, Product Design, Packaging, Digital Design, Expo, Campaigns and Films.

Today PayPal bought iZettle for $2.2bn.

Good luck iZettle and thank you for everything!

My Guide To

We are really proud and excited about the launch of our new My Guide To website. The new site features a brand new design and a better shopping experience. Head over to to have a look and get your hand on one of our posters!

Welcome Furhat

Furhat Robotics revolutionizes how people interact with information around them by building machines and systems with social intelligence.

We’re excited that they chose us to be a part of their rebranding process.

Tele2 Arena

Tele2 Arena is one of the world’s most modern multi-arenas, with state of the art wifi, 600 digital displays, 
StadiumVision technology, sliding roof and transparent facade. We are currently making a new graphic concept for all the displays, animating everything from live football statistics to show you where you could buy your hot dog and beer.

We are looking forward to show you the whole case in our portfolio soon.

Tele2 DCID

We have been working with Kurppa Hosk on the new digital corporate identity for Tele2.

Soon to be viewed in our portfolio.

Academic Positions

Academic Positions is the European career network for academics, researchers and scientists. They make your life easier as a candidate by providing you with a wealth of job opportunities and employer presentations from organisations all over the world.

They came to us with a wish to get a more modern look and feel that would appeal to all of their different target groups from older professors to younger academics. We came up with a whole new brand identity including a new logotype, typeface, web and custom made icons.

View the case in our portfolio