Sana – AI for Education

Sana utilizes artificial intelligence to closely personalize content to the needs of each student. Because no two people learn in the same way, Sana measures students answers, response times and an array of contextual information to figure out precisely what they know, how they best learn and how they forget.

Building on these insights, we created a dynamic and vibrant brand experience based on simple geometric shapes to encourage and guide students, and to explain the complexity of personalizing education.

The Sana learning app uses artificial intelligence to personalize content to the needs of each individual student. We used the logo to provide feedback to the students and to emphasize the learning experience.

To illustrate both the physical and digital/mental aspects of learning with Sana we created mixed digital/analogue still-life photographies representing each learning subject.

To explain Sana’s technology and the complexity of personalizing education we created a multi layered visual world with shapes symbolizing students, learning paths, neural networks, inputs and contextual information.

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