Hedvig is a digital insurance company. They treat your money as yours and only charge a fixed fee to maintain and develop the service. Your money are placed on a separate account and can only be used to pay compensation to you or other members. Once all damages have been paid, the excess is given away to organizations that make the world a better place.

The service is based on simplicity, accessibility and security, three key factors that we wanted to implement in the brand identity. Our work started with a lot of research to get a good understanding of the service and to be able to create the most user friendly and logical product as possible. This resulted in an identity and app design characterized by user friendliness, trust and curiosity.

The communication between the user and Hedvig differs from a traditional insurance. Instead of filling in large forms you report your claims directly through a chat with a digital assistant. The logotype reflects the dynamics of this and changes character and appearance depending on where the user is located in the app. We think if it as a reaction and confirmation of what Hedvig knows in different situations, everything to enhance her image as a helpful and a good hearted insurance assistant who has no other purpose than serving you as a customer.

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