Who we are

Ehrenstråhle & Wågnert (E&W) was founded in 2010 by David Ehrenstråhle and Martin Wågnert. We are a concept driven brand design agency that helps companies build, communicate and strengthen their brand identities.

Unlike a traditional design agency, E&W works extensively with digital production including motion, web and app development. Our work requires technical skills and understanding of how the brand and its elements will function dynamically and how they can be integrated in different systems and platforms.

Our work is based around the following three words: Form, Technology and Motion.


Around every brand design there is a story. We understand the importance of form and design and how it defines a brand or a product. We create brand design by merging business insight, user experience, and visual understanding to create content that engages the user and promotes brand association.


We live in a very technological era where we can communicate with each other instantly. It’s very important for us to have great understanding about the latest technique. In everything we do we love to explore and find new and interesting ways to make our design work on all kinds of digital platforms.


When it comes to communication we are convinced that motion is a great way to reinforce a concept and amplify a story. We love animation whether it’s just a subtle json-animation for a logo or a longer film describing your product.


Creating successful brand design involves strategic decisions. It’s important to know what the goals are before we begin the design process. We help our clients to build solid brand- and communication platforms figuring out the purpose of the brand and setting guidelines that will make it attractive to consumers.

Client relationship

We work with design-driven companies that are at the leading edge of their respective markets, allowing us to push the boundaries and our own creative limits. We know the importance of working closely with clients to attain effective results, this is why we place such a strong emphasis on long-term business relationships. Over the years this approach has been rewarding for both us and our clients, giving us the pleasure of participating in their growth from start-up phase to well established multinational companies.

Area of expertise

Brand identities and brand/communication strategies. Digital products and digital design systems. Brand development and design production. Packaging design. Film, motion and graphic design, expo and spatial design.