The founders of Tugg have a passion for great food made with fresh ingredients from local producers and they opened their first burger restaurant in Borås in January 2015. The homemade burgers proved to be a great success and within a year two more branches had opened. Consistency throughout all communication became an important factor when they expanded.

We researched both national and international hamburger restaurants and chains to help us come up with a suitable brand and design style for Tugg. We wanted to highlight the company’s main selling point ; the fact that the burgers are homemade. We therefore came up with an identity that distanced itself from the mass produced burger chains, which usually favors the conventional diner look with American flags and red leather seats.

The work we were commissioned to do for Tugg was to create their brand name, their graphic identity and communication as well as the interior design of the restaurants.  For the latter we wanted a welcoming environment that resembled a traditional restaurant, yet it needed to be informal enough so you don’t feel out of place eating the burger with your hands and not cutlery.