Bontouch is an App Development Agency that creates apps to some of the world’s most well known brands.  Through innovation and by thinking outside the box they develop logical and well-designed apps.

We were asked to create a new identity for Bontouch, the criteria was to enhance Bontouch’s brand image and to help them stand out from the competition.

Our approach was to erase the differences between the agency and the product they’re supplying. In other words, giving the impression that Bontouch owns the product together with its partner, instead of being its producer.

It was important for Bontouch that we didn’t steer too far away from their original logotype, so we looked at ways of updating it rather than creating new designs, and make it fit in with the new concept.

Promotional tools such as pens, stickers and bags are important parts of Bontouch’s marketing so these also became part of the brand makeover.

Bontouch’s website is their face to the world, so the design of it is hugely important. To enhance the look of it and to make it user friendly we used an illustrational style, icon language and animation-language.